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The Art of Humanizing Robotics

The art of humanizing robotics: How can designers bridge the gap between man and machine? 
In partnership with Sherpa Foundry & Fuseproject
23 February 2016, San Francisco

This panel discussed how artists and designers - who excel at examining the human condition - can help build robots that interact with us in more natural and human-readable ways. This is particularly important as we start to see more and more autonomous technologies creep into our lives. 

- What sort of robots do we want to share our spaces with? 
- Do we want them to talk to us like humans? Or should they just get on with work in the background?
- Are there cases where an emotionally intelligent robot might be valuable?
- And how can machines communicate their intentions, capabilities and limitations to untrained bystanders?

Tobias Kinnebrew, Google Robotics
Yves Behar, Fuseproject
Ken Goldberg, UC Berkeley
Behnaz Farahi, USC/Autodesk

Moderated by: Olivia Solon

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